Wedding Ceremony

It was an absolute honor to sing for the wedding of a wonderful bride & groom on Wednesday!
To be part of something special, seeing a blissful happy couple on their special day, makes my heart sing and creates memories

My Brand New Album 'Inspire' Is Finally Here! :D 

There are 7.2 Billion people living today on this planet,  
But not any other one of them is you. 
You are significant, valuable and have a unique purpose in this world. 

...It has taken 3 years to find my…

Christmas Album, Photo shoot & Christmas Events!

Today, the time finally came, for me to have the photo shoot for my brand new 2016 album! Wahoo! 
I am so excited to share these with you, and more so, to hold it in my hand and sign personal…

This Week; Eurovision, Recording & Behind The Scenes Video!

Everything we experience in our lives is for a reason.  
Choose to accept people as they are, be grateful for all you are blessed with, and embrace what life brings you  
It's all to make you stronger, to be prepared,


Honored By Music Publication Review

This morning, I woke up feeling grateful to receive a notification that I have been featured in an online music publication.  
I am most thankful to Sam Liddicott for kindly recognizing my true mission (to help, inspire & entertain people…


The Adventures Of May Begin!

Hi everyone!
I hope you had a wonderful bank holiday!
The entire week for me, was Very exciting!

I had five shows, and LOTS of travelling; taking us to beautiful Anglesey, Wales again,  London, Preston, Cheshire & the Midlands.

For The Love Of Audiences

Musicians and live entertainers lay their entire heart and soul out into a live performance, with an unexplainable energy, in order to momentarily captivate and provide the audience with an experience they've never known. This uplifts people & stays with…