Americans; "I Suck!" English; "Practice makes..."

Today my message is Get Started.
(I recently have been creating original music and as I'm a professional Entertainer, becoming an original producer as well as a song writer, is sometimes requiring a little motivation!) Having watched Multiple videos, of…Read more

Consistent Daily Actions

Hello, thank you for reading & welcome to Inspiration Daily!
Today's post is on Taking Action Daily, in manageable steps which will lead to your desired goal/intention.

If you're like me, you know what you want and you want it…Read more

Live Your Best Life Today

We all have ideas come to us, as to what we should do, can do/would be good to do in life, but very few of these ideas we actually pursue.
So many people think/say 'someday' I will do this. When…Read more

You Are The Person Who You Have To Prove

The first person who has to Believe it, is you.
No one else is going to believe in your (point of view/product/ability) unless you are confident first of all.

Follow your intuition, know what you have to do, actually do…Read more

Turn Off Social Media!

Hello my friend! I hope you're doing good today.
(And if not, you've come to the right place! Discover my earlier blog posts and get on track to success, health & happiness!)

Today's topic, is; Social Media!
Turn it away…Read more

Your Ultimate Life

Go and get what you want the most in life. Now is the time to Focus on your Greatest desire. Where do you Most want to be? Where does your heart tell you to go?
Excuses, limitations, forget them. They…Read more


Good day everyone!
Today I have a slightly different post for you. And this one's about laughter.
Watching funny videos/films can bring you out of your busy life & encourage positive endorphins, leaving you happier and realising on reflection that…Read more

What A Difference A Day Makes

Remember that today, your life could change.
You never know what The Universe has in store for you.
Just keep focused, believe in your dream and life will make it happen.

Be happy, be the best you, and give everything…Read more

Life Loves You

Good day!

I hope you're keeping happy, focused & vibrant with love!

Today I want to remind you that life, The Universe, God (whatever you personally call the higher source) Loves you and wants you to achieve all your dreams…Read more

Do It Yourself

Your Life is your responsibility.
Don't rely on Anyone else, no one else is going to make it happen for you, you have to give 100%

This video is excellent, particularly if you have a dream career you want to…

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Set Goals

Today I am finally drawing up my goals for this year & creating My Vision Board with photos of my aspirations & ambitions to achieve.
I highly recommend you watch this video to help inspire you to set up a…Read more

Be Happy Listening To Your Favourite Songs!

Hello & welcome! Today's post is about one of my favourite things of all; MUSIC!

Music changes the way everyone feels, and today I read that 9/10 workers perform better whilst listening to music!

It makes you more productive, more…Read more