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Hello! I hope you are feeling well and having a wonderful day!

Today I have decided to share with you, something fairly different  to the inspirational messages which I usually share on this page;

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Be Kind & Friendly To Everyone

Be kind & friendly to Everyone who you interact with; you never know what a difference you could make.
A pleasant approach may just brighten up their day, make them feel so blissfully happy, which could potentially lead to them…Read more

Think, Want & Believe

All that you see & experience around you in life, is a result of what you Think & Believe.

The Universe creates exactly what you ask of it, as soon as you think and believe something is going to happen/be…Read more

Everything Happens For A Reason

Nothing is ever negative. When we judge a situation, it’s only the way we perceive it to be. Everything happens for a reason. 

Often things happen, or change in life, when we don’t want them to. But changes happen all…

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Put Your Soul In The Hands Of The Universe

Put your Soul in the hands of The Universe, and everything else will be taken care of. Follow your guidance.
Apply that to your quest, and watch what happens.

Love always,
Gemma Louise Doyle


Looking Back

Life's a journey, an adventure. 
When you see photos or reflect on past memories, don't be sad for what no longer exists, or didn't work out.
But instead be Happy & grateful that you were able to have those experiences. …

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Read Powerful Books!

We become what we think about.

Empower & feed your mind with good, positive information, to truly awaken yourself.
We live in an Incredible, Infinite Universe, where Anything is possible! Remember that.

Certain books can help you to think bigger…Read more

There's More Than The Eye Can See

Scientists have already proven that we can not see every color, nor can we hear every frequency which exists in our Planet/Universe.
Just because Science does not make it internationally known across the general public, in schools etc, that doesn't…Read more

Use Your Imagination

Everything man has created, was once imagined and did Not exist.

Use your imagination, and think about what you really want. Feel it in your heart. Commit that time. Believe me, it is worth it!
Whenever you have an expectation…Read more

Be Creative

Hello! I hope you've enjoyed a wonderful weekend and are feeling optimistic ready for the week ahead.

Today's Inspiration post is about Creativity.
Humans are naturally born creative. Everything we use in our daily life was created, mostly by humans! …Read more