My first single ever to be released into iTunes, made it into the charts! AHHHHHH! 

Based upon how music saved my life, and how I believe that we are all here with a significant purpose, my new song 'Reason' was co-written with original member of Iron Maiden and has taken most of this year to complete and release!

'Reason', is now being played on multiple international radios, across the US, London, the UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, and being received by all my fans including those in Japan & across the World. It's my dream to reach & inspire millions of people, and I'm overwhelmed by the support of friends, followers and those who believe in me. You have made all of this experience, the challenges and investments, each & every day, worthwhile. 

It was quite surreal, seeing my name in the UK Music charts on my computer screen, on Friday morning. My very first single to be released onto iTunes, made it into the charts, alongside the likes of Oasis, the Arctic Monkeys & The Kooks. No record label, no management, no professional promotion team helping me, Just all of my loving followers & friends supporting me. I felt the countless hours, the commitment of every single minute of every day, never giving up, became worthwhile. 

I can not be more thankful, to those who believe in me, and support my dream. 

My message is this: Always follow your heart, keep going, and know that you are here with a very significant purpose to fulfill.


I am now excited and driven to further achieve my goals, and see what all of this leads to!

Thank you to all who are supporting me, it means the World.

You can listen to the preview video here:

To download on iTunes go to this link: 

Download from my website here:

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